2nd prize Noordervisie 2040

This November my good friend Wybren Meijer, asked me to join a small group of people to come up with a nice entry for the Noordervisie 2040 competition. This competition was organized by the three norther provinces of the Netherlands and the challenge was to come up with an inspiring and innovative vision for the region in 2040. I contributed only a small part, related to smart grids (about which I had previously helped make a dissemination video) and ICT infrastructure.

At the Noorderstorm 2040 gathering in Drachten, of which you can find a video below, the plan was presented by the group members. Things went better than expected and we were awarded the second prize!

I hope to make the whole plan available online, but for now you find a very short quote for the plan below (also in Dutch) .

Onze toekomstvisie voor 2040 staat deels wel, en deels niet op gespannen voet met de nuchtere aard van de Noord-Nederlander. Ze vormt een uitdaging voor de nuchtere geest omdat wij oproepen rekening te houden met een radicaal andere toekomst. De wereld van 2040 zal nieuwe vormen van
technologie, demografie, economie, samenleven en cultuur kennen.

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